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May 11, 2021

Michelle is back to talk Instagram for acupuncturists! If you like this platform personally, then it is a great idea to use it to promote your practice/clinic, and if you plan on doing so, then Michelle has some great advice on how to do it! If you want more information regarding her courses and coaching visit her website here.


Spence Pentland

Oct 28, 2018
As a practitioner that has specialized exclusively in the treatment of fertility and reproductive health conditions since 2004, I am excited about the Tung points that Brad presented and will definitely be utilizing some of them in my practice moving forward. I appreciated how he expressed that this is not an alternative to my usual 'TCM' points, but additions that should be experimented with to see which work for me and my patients. I think it is a must for anyone focusing on the treatment of fertility to expand their knowledge, at least on a basic level, into what Master Tung has to offer our patients, and Brad lays it out quickly and simply. The accompanying PDF by itself is worth the price you pay for this course. And most of all, thank you Brad, for gifting me with the very best point on the body to reduce stress, improve sleep, and relieve pain! 
Spence Pentland
founder of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, author of Being Fertile, and creator of The Being Fertile Program (BFP+)




Jul 15, 2018

Interview with Peter Harvey

I love spending time with Peter - he is super smart, driven, kicking ass in his practice, and most importantly is a lot of fun! He is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it come to business sales and marketing. This is a very valuable episode and definitely one you do not want to miss. You will see what I mean - Listen / Watch now!  ~ Spence



Professional Profile
Western Ill. University bach marketing 1985, Dominican University MBA marketing 1992, Midwest College of Oriental medicine master of science in oriental medicine 2004

Professional Achievements
American tobacco top salesman 85-87
Morton Salt GM at 29yrs grew business over 600% within 5yrs took mark from a commodity based to a brand loyal based market
Eastern Healing inc grew to one of the largest fertility practices for a single practioner over 200 patients per week
became a student teaching clinic 2018, former chair of Cimsig complimentary and special interest group for ASRM
First in Illinois to become ABORM

Professional Experience
American Tobacco 85-87 field sales
Morton salt Chicago salt service 87-92 field sales
Morton Salt Salt Lake Salt Service 92-99 GM
Morton Salt Chicago Salt Service 99-2008
Eastern Healing 2004 to present

May 24, 2018

Interview with Oliver Bridge, one of the founding members of Bonjoro!

In this special edition podcast episode, Oli and I go through the functions of Bonjoro and how it can help deliver amazing value and deep connection to your patients and set you apart from your competitors. I guarantee that both you and your patients will LOVE it!!!

Simply put, Bonjoro is video email, perfected, easy to use, and extremely affordable.

I send them out to all my new patients that come to the clinic. If they are not my patients (they are patients of my associates) then I like to touch base as the founder, welcome them to the clinic, and let them know we are all here to support them however we can.  If they are my patients, I use it to touch base a couple days after the initial appointment (after I have sent them their individualized treatment plan) to check in, encourage them to reply and ask any further questions they might have, and just generally show them that I am close by when needed.

It is SUPER easy to use and comes at a SUPER affordable monthly cost.  Bonjoro is a no-brainer if you are looking for a new fun effective marketing tool for your clinic.

It is an amazing tool that is getting amazing feedback.  The way of the future, I am positive.

~  Spence

Check out their website now...

May 12, 2018

Interview with Dr Dominic Stape

I really felt like Dominic and I are on many similar pages when it comes to practice and business growth. His prime directive of addressing personal psychology first resonated with me, and his focus on setting a good foundation for each day with a solid morning routine was music to my ears! Dominic has created 2 successful clinics and is ready to share his wisdom. Watch / Listen now to get access to a free 5 level practice analysis of your practice. ~ Spence


Brad Whisnant Seminars

Professional Profile
-Board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the state of New Mexico. 2001
-BS in biology and chemistry 1996
-Biomedical research scientist. Researching allergies, cancer, anti anxiety drugs. 1994-96, 2001-04
-cytogenetic technology. 1997

Professional Achievements
-In practice since 2001
-grew to 200 patients/week.
-invested in real estate to diversify
-manage a staff of 5
-opened a second clinic , physical medicine.
Didn’t feel as connected with patients and put more focus on TCM clinic.
-hire associate Drs to do the acupuncture.
-stable clinic. I can be as busy as I want to be.
-trained in Copenhagen in Acunova
-volunteer in Vietnam for Brad Whisnant Seminars.

Professional Experience
-UNM school of medicine.
-Genzyme genetics

Apr 23, 2018

Katie is optimistic, always smiling, & has lots of practical knowledge to help you grow and run your practice. I really love her energy and passion for helping other acupuncturists manifest the practice they desire - in her words; 'It doesn't have to be so hard'. Great words for those currently struggling and feeling overwhelmed by the business side of things. She has created AcuProsper which is such a great resource, and she has generously shared much of her pearls of wisdom here, in this podcast. Watch / Listen NOW.  ~ Spence

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Professional Profile
Katie is an acupuncturist & herbalist and the founder of where she leverages her business experience to help other acupuncturists create and grow practices they love.

Professional Achievements
– Founder of The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine in Denver, where she currently has three associates - two acupuncturists and one homeopath - on staff.
– Founder of where she's helped hundreds of acupuncturists to grow and feel more ease in their businesses.
– Taught the business & marketing class at two acupuncture schools
– Launched an online fertility course, Becoming Mama

Professional Experience
– Magna Cum Laude, Bachelors degree, Economics, Colby College, 2003
– Economic History, London School of Economics 2003
– Finacial Analyst, Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors, 2003 - 2006
– Masters Degree, Southwest Acupuncture College, MSOM, August 2011
– Founded The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine, LLC 2011
– Founded Acuprosper, LLC 2014
– Speaker and Instructor at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2011 - 2017
– Instructor at Southwest Acupuncture College 2017
– Created the Becoming Mama online fertility programs 2016

Apr 23, 2018

What Yaron teaches during this podcast speaks right to my heart personally, as he embodies the way I approach my clinical practice - Heart led, focused on contribution.  He has been practicing for almost 25 years now and has some key messages for how he feels our medicine should be moving forward.  Thank you so much Yaron, this is a must watch / listen.  ~Spence

To receive $100 off Hunyuan registration click the provided link on the podcast page -



Professional Profile
Licensed acupuncture CT 1998
TCM course Auckland New Zealand 1991-92
Chinese Classical literature 1993-95 Freiburg university, Germany
Tongji medical university Wuhan china 1996
Guangxi TCM university 1998
Five Branches University DAOM 2007-8 or 2006-7

Professional Achievements
Hunyuan Medicine since 2002
Hunyuan Research Institute 2010
Hunyuan Academy 2018
Author: hunyuan Fertility , curing infertility , Chinese medicine liberation , hunyuan xinfa , hunyuan foundations
Associate in Research Harvard University since 2013

Professional Experience
Seminars around the world
Taiji Quan , qigong , internal arts since 1989
Huai Xuan advocate
Founder: hunyuan: body heart and medicine

Apr 14, 2018

I LOVED this interview. Jimmy is straight and to the point, a data driven point to be exact! He doesn't sugar-coat the fact that he feels everything regarding your practice (business and clinical) should be measured, as if it can't be measured, it can't grow. Yup, to Jimmy it is that simple. This is a great podcast that I KNOW will benefit many from a very practical standpoint. Watch / Listen NOW.  ~ Spence

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Professional Profile
Biochemistry, BA 2000 (University of Texas at Austin)
Masters in Oriental Medicine 2004 (Texas Health & Science University)
Acupuncture License in 2004

Professional Achievements
One of the Top mistake makers in the acupuncture profession.  :)

Professional Experience
Texas Institute of Health in Waco, TX (2004-2005)
Hill Country Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic in Austin, TX (2005-2006)
Yen Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic in Cedar Park, TX (2007-2014)
Achieve Integrative Health in Cedar Park, TX (2014-present)

Apr 8, 2018

This is a great in depth interview with Sandro Graca. This guy is super relatable and liable, driven and successful, authentic and real. He is so willing to share his experiences, thoughts, ideas, and feelings about his career in TCM and acupuncture, and give any pearls he can so those listening can learn.  His overarching message is "...just dive in and start doing what needs to get done, be ok with making mistake - but make sure you learn from them, and then keep dong what needs to get done. It takes 20 years to become an overnight success!" This is well worth the listen, and you surely will want to get to know Sandro after watching.  ~ Spence



Professional Profile
Licentiate in TCM (2007 - Irish College of TCM)
Cert. Acupuncture and Moxibustion (2009 - Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
Current MSc Sudent (MSc AOM - Acupuncture Research; Dissertation presentation Sept 2019)

Professional Achievements
Member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network;
Former Board Member of the AFPA (professional register in Irlanda) - 2014 to 2017;
Member of the ESHRE
Member of the ASRM
Board Member of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association
Board Member of the Evidence Based Acupuncture

Professional Experience
Running TCM clinics since 2007
Former lecturer at the ICTCM (2008/09)
MSc Module Tutor - starting 2018/19

Mar 27, 2018

If you are currently running facebook ads or are considering to do so, this podcast is a must watch / listen. If you are ready to take the plunge or to dive more deeply and make your facebook ads perform better, then take her course.  The money you will save on doing your Facebook ads correctly will save you the price of the course in a matter of weeks. Be sure to download the quick reference sheet above to get your discount code! ~ Spence.

Mar 26, 2018

For those of you that know Mike Berkley, you know how lucky you are to have met him or call him a friend. We all should be proud to call him a colleague. This guy does Acupuncture New York style, and has been doing it now for a long time, with razor focus on the treatment of infertility.  Lots of stories, lots of pearls, and lots of honesty in this interview. As always Mike, I love you and am so happy you accepted the invite to be on the show.  Enjoy everyone!  ~  Spence, founder of

Mike Berkley



Professional Profile
The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness has been helping those faced with fertility challenges since 1997. In fact, we are the very first complimentary medicine clinic in the United States to be completely devoted to treating infertility cases exclusively. We are all licensed and board certified in acupuncture and board certified in Chinese herbal medicine. We work hand-in-hand with many of New York City's most prominent reproductive medicine centers including but not limited to NYU, The Sher Institute, RMA, New York Cornell, New Hope Fertility and many others. We believe "it takes a village" and the new gold standard for reproductive medicine is the integration of Chinese and Western medical protocols.

Professional Achievements
First acupuncturist in the U.S. to specialize in the care and treatment of infertility.
Nationally known lecturer on how acupuncture and herbs can help facilitate conception.
First acupuncturist to be inducted into the Westchester Ob/gyn society.
Nationally recognized expert in infertility.
In practice for 21 years.

Professional Experience
Graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1996.
In practice for 21 years.
Licensed and board certified in acupuncture.
Board certified in Chinese herbal medicine.
I work hand-in-hand with most of New York City's most prominent reproductive endocrinologists.

Mar 13, 2018

I really enjoyed my time with Angela on this interview. She has a great energy about her, calm and smooth, confident and humble. She has been in this acupuncture industry for a long time and has seen so much change - and she has managed to thrive through it all.  She is a successful acupuncturist and business woman all wrapped into one package - perfect for us all to learn from, and why she is here to share her story, thoughts, experience and secrets to her success!  Enjoy!  ~ Spence (


Angela Tisci



Professional Profile

MAcOM 2000

Acupuncture Licence 2000

Therapeutic Yoga Certification 2014

Health Coach Training

Transformational Coach and Mastery Level Coach Money Marketing and Soul Coach

Professional Achievements

CEO and Founder of the Integrative Fertility Institute: Fertility support and professional fertility coach training center

CEO and Founder of AcuBizConsulting: Helping entrepreneurs create educational programs and high ticket offers that support a bigger mission to change the world in a positive way. conscious capitalism

Creator of the EcoFertility Method Preconception Program 2013 Events: Business Adventure Retreat yearly event for entrepreneurs taking their business to the next level

Professional Experience

Owner Zen Space Portland Oregon 2000-2013

Woodstock Wellness Center Portland Oregon 2006-present Integrative Fertility Institute-online

AcuBizConsulting- online coaching and consulting

Jan 23, 2018

Interview with Brad Whisnant

This interview is actually my first official meeting with Brad - so its content is basically "getting to know Brad", and he delivers an authentic high energy no bull shit interview that shows the world who Brad is. He is a mentor to many and should be a mentor to many more - this interview will show you why I feel this way! ~ Spence



Professional Profile

- Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Emperors College, 12/1/2010
- Masters Degree Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, MAcOM, September 2007
- Portland State University Bachelors of Science, Criminal Justice 1996

Professional Achievements

- Owner and founder of Pinpoint Clinics, PC, St. Helens, Oregon 2007-Current Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. ... clinic 110 patients a week, every week
- Owner of, 7 published books

Mastering Tung Acupuncture - Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief
Pain Case Studies with Distal Acupuncture: A Week in a Tung Acupuncture Clinic
Pain Case Studies with Distal Acupuncture - Volume Two
Treat Back Pain Distally: Get Instant Pain Relief with Distal Acupuncture
Treating Upper Back and Neck pain with Master Tung acupuncture
Top Master Tung points for clinical success
Essential Acupuncture Guide for Headaches
Master Tung Posters
- Founder of Brad Whisnant seminars give seminar’s both domestically and internationally each year. Providing seminars, books, posters coaching, mentorship, online classes, videos, and additional educational materials. Teaching in over 20 countries including China. With over 20+ classes on Master Tung/Dr Tan and Distal acupuncture
- Creator of Medical Guide to Bloodletting app for iPhone
- Co-owner and Founder of Herbavax LLC. Herbavax is a private line of herbal supplements being sold in retail stores nationally. company has since been sold.
- Owner and founder of One Day Closer, ODC is a nonprofit organization that provides health care around the world. In September of 2007 I set up a free health care clinic in India where I provided over 8000 treatments, and raised over $70,000.00 for the people of India and their health care needs. I have also conducted free medical camps in Honduras, Guatemala, and Vietnam (4 trips) and sponsored a free medical clinic in Nepal.
- Speaker for; Speeches on bloodletting, successful and busy Acupuncture practice, Master Tung Acupuncture series (over 60 talks on Tung acupuncture), leadership, motivation, Clinical herbal formulas and acupuncture series.
- Speaker and Teacher for Emperors Doctoral Acupuncture School, Santa Monica California
- Speaker and Teacher for East West College, Masters and DAOM program
- Columbia Asthma, Allergy & Immunology Clinic, Camas and Longview Washington, 2008-2009 On staff Acupuncturist and Herbalist for Clinic,
- Owner and co-founder of Portland Detox, an outpatient program, Portland Oregon, 2008-2009
- Donating one day a week at an Retirement Community treating patients with acupuncture, herbs, and herbal plasters, health education 2008-2009 March
- Past Co-owner and Herbalist for, weekly Health radio podcasts, sold in 2009
- Contributing author and practitioner for
- Contributing author for ANF , Acupuncture Now Foundation,
- Collaboration Agreement with Eye Hospital in China and St. Olav Eye Clinic of Norway
- Guest Speaker for 1st International Symposium on TCM/Integrative Medicine Ophthalmology Eye Hospital Beijing, China
- Advanced training in Acupuncture with world renowned teachers
- Extensive training in Balance method, and Master Tung’s method, Dr. Jimmy Chang pulses
- International health care, managing and running a clinic in India, Honduras, Guatemala, and Vietnam
- Training in NADA protocol for addictions and cravings
- Internship at Portland Alternative Health Centers (NADA protocols)
- Internship at Washington County Corrections Acupuncture program
- Volunteered at Local Boys and Girl clubs, 2003, 2004

Show Credits
*Video & Podcast editing - Retireno Cabilla
*Administration & Social Media - Regine Cabilla
*Trascription - Marina Andjelkovic

Jan 22, 2018

Prioritization is one of the most important skills you need if you desire to create something that extends beyond yourself, and if you want to manifest your greatest projects and goals, make the biggest contribution you can to the world, and minimize stress along the journey.

“If you have more than 3 priorities, you don’t have any.” ~ Jim Collins, author of good to great

In order to adhere to these wise words I have kept this section to the 3 main components that are skills you must develop in order to properly prioritize your business life; organization, systems, and distraction.

In the end, prioritization of your time should boil down to you performing the highest value tasks in your practice/clinic/business that are in alignment with your vision and how you want to spend your time each day.

Remember, your business should be created with the purpose of serving your most fully realized life, the life you desire - not you being a slave to it and essentially just having a job.

First step to organizing your practice/clinic/business is to ask yourself;

Do you want a private practice?

Do you want to run a clinic?

Do you want to own a business?

In my experience most TCM docs & acupuncturists are born to be practitioners. Frontline clinicians that are amazing at helping people attain their health related goals with the tools of the trade.

Many of these practitioners may be entrepreneurial in spirit and flirt with the idea of running their own clinic, or building a business where multiple practitioners hang their hat! Sounds good?

This may be a very bad idea

You have to find out who you are, what you want, and what you are cut out for, before jumping into the abyss of running a clinic or business ownership. It could be the difference of attaining the life you desire, or becoming a slave to your business and growing to loathe going to work


You have created a


that you can’t quit

So do some soul searching, some profiling, ask trusted friends and colleagues… Will you be fulfilled with a simple practice, do you want to operate a clinic, or are you cut out for the roller coaster of entrepreneurship?

Each comes with specific ups and downs, and each requires specific skill sets and personality characteristics to succeed, and each requires very different organization and prioritization!

A private practice can and should be kept quite basic. It requires organization for your basic clinical procedures, your client (patient) management, some simple administrative tasks, and marketing.

The main benefits of a private practice are;

It is only you

Things are simple

The limitations of a private practice are;

It is only you

Your time = $

Running a clinic is a lot more complex. It also requires all that is needed to organize a private practice, with the addition of managing multiple practitioners, more complex administrative tasks and possible hiring of support staff, managing culture, and marketing the whole.

The main benefits of running a clinic are;

Working with others

Potential for greater financial gain

The limitations of running a clinic are;

Dependant on you

Not creating an asset

Owning a business is a roller coaster. It requires everything running a clinic does, with the addition of employing a team to free you from business operations, so that you can lead and grow the clinic into a business that becomes a successful company.

The main benefits of owning a business are;


Passive income

Growth of an asset

The limitations of owning a business are;




Part 1:


Dec 29, 2017

It is such a pleasure to spend time with Michelle. She is so nice and genuine, and it is so clear how much she simply wants to help her fellow acupuncturists succeed. She is to the point about sharing tips and tricks about marketing your practice, especially if it isn’t something you like to do, or are uncomfortable doing. The way she frames ‘getting the word out’ will make even the most ‘anti-sales’ folk consider how important it is to tell the world about you and your wonderful gift you have to share! She also has so many free things to share, and recommends a few valuable resources as well. Check out the links in the show notes to explore all things Michelle. Enjoy the podcast. ~ Spence.



Online Courses
*Acupuncture Marketing: Easy Strategies for More Patients -
*Introduction to Facebook Ads for Acupuncturists -

Free stuff
*14-Day Free Email Course -
*Marketing/practice management resource library -
*Free eBook with marketing calendar: "10 Ways to Book More Patients with a Marketing Budget of Zero Dollars -

Recommended resources

Lewis Howes' Podcast, The School of Greatness:
The 1-Page Marketing Plan, by Allan Dib:
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain:

Professional Profile

Licensed in NY State since 2010
MS AOM (2010) from Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Seneca Falls, NY
BA (2007) in Biology from Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY

Professional Achievements

Founder and author of acupuncture marketing resource (formerly Modern Acupuncture Marketing) (2014)
Online marketing education (online course) published in 2017
Guest lecturer in AOM Practice Management/Marketing course (2015-16)
Lead instructor in AOM Practice Management/Marketing course (2017)

Professional Experience

Associate Acupuncturist, AcuHealth of the Finger Lakes, Geneva, NY (2014-Present)
Independent Contractor, Acupuncturist, Monroe Community Hospital, Rochester, NY (2011-2014)
Acupuncturist, Owner, Ageless Acupuncture & Wellness, Rochester, NY (2011-2014)
Admissions Counselor, New York Chiropractic College/Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (2014-Present)
Founder, Author, (2014-Present)


*See full transcription at -

Dr. Pentland: Hey, everybody, welcome to, another podcast. I'm really excited to be here today with Michelle Grasek. Welcome! If you haven't been to the Golden Cabinet before, it's a website dedicated to helping people grow their practice, whether you're just starting out, just fresh out of school, or you're in a clinic and you're wanting more patients, or you're wanting to grow your clinic into a business or something in here for you. So, YouTube, Facebook, all the usuals. But is where this podcast is going to be, and all the rest are going to be posted. Without further ado, Michelle, welcome to the podcast!

Michelle: Thank you! Hi!

Dr. Pentland: Awesome! I am just going to read through your CV because, again, like I just said, I will not do it justice. My memory, as I age, I need systems, and this is one of them. Anyway, you are New Yorker, you're licensed in New York State to practice acupuncture since 2010, the Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 2010. I'm Canadian, I'm not familiar with the acronyms, but that's right?

Michelle: Oh, right.

Dr. Pentland: From the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seneca Falls, New York. BA in 2007 in Biology from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York. A New York girl through and through.

Michelle: Yes, upstate.

Dr. Pentland: Upstate. The beautiful, beautiful, beautiful part. I've driven through there from Toronto to New York in my passes, it's such a beautiful place. I had no idea actually. You're the founder and author of Acupuncture Marketing Resource, which is now, which formerly was Modern Acupuncture Marketing...

Dec 20, 2017

Let me tell you a little about this lady - she is a force, a freight train moving forward toward her vision, and she is kicking major ass! She is inspirational in the arena of 'getting shit done', and pulling her weight in moving TCM into the future. At the end of this interview you will be asking yourself 'How can I leave my mark on the TCM industry, and help more patients in the process?'. The products she has created may even end up being a revolutionary change in your own practice. This podcast is a must not miss. ~ Spence Pentland



Professional Profile

Kirsten Karchmer is a health tech pioneer and women’s health expert. She has pioneered proprietary infertility assessment and treatment protocols that optimize fertility while improving patients overall health.She is a Board Certified reproductive acupuncturist and former President of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Karchmer is also the CEO/founder of Conceivable, a technology enabled fertility solution at 1/100 the cost of IVF and Viv Wellness a woman’s health revolution committed to eradicating PMS and cramping.

In 2013, Kirsten translated her successful clinical programs into her technology enabled platform that uses machine learning/ AI to provide affordable and impactful reproductive solution. Karchmer was named one of Texas Women in Technology to Watch and Conceivable was named one of the most innovative health tech start ups from MedTech in 2015, Best Fertility App by Healthline in 2016 and has been featured in Fox News, The New York Magazine, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and Health.

Karchmer lectures internationally on women’s health, the future of integrative medicine, and using technology to better serve patients, providers, and healthcare systems. Kirsten has been recognized as one of the top female start-up founders to watch, the recipient of the Texas Trailblazer award for her innovation in health care and, is also Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen contributor.

Professional Achievements

former aborm president
launched pro line of mod herb tinctures
developed and patented award winning technology in women's health

Professional Experience

20 years as reproductive acupuncturist


View full transcription here -

Dr. Pentland: Hey, everybody welcome to another podcast episode from the Golden Cabinet. I am so happy to be here today with Kirsten Karchmer.

Kirsten Karchmer: Hi.

Dr. Pentland: Because of what you sent in, like I said, I am just going to read it. Kirsten, we talked a couple days ago, and I felt really bad after, because a) I had to go quickly, and b) I had to go pick up a sick child from school, and this is all such a gold, let's just have this energy in the podcast or recording, anyway, I apologize, Kirsten. Here we go, Kirsten Karchmer is a health tech pioneer and women's health expert. She has pioneered proprietary infertility assessment and treatment protocols that optimize fertility while improving patients’ overall health. She's a Board Certified reproductive acupuncturist and former president of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She is also the CEO and founder of Conceivable, a technology enabled fertility solution at 1/100 the cost of IVF and the Viv wellness, VIV wellness, is that right?

Kirsten: Viv.

Dr. Pentland: Viv wellness, Women’s health revolution committed to eradicating PMS and cramping, which is awesome. I'm excited to chat about that too. In 2013, Kirsten translated her successful clinical programs into her technology enabled platform that uses machine learning/AI to provide affordable and impactful reproductive solutions. Karchmer was named one of Texas women in technology to watch and Conceivable, which we will get into. Your technology was named one of the most innovative health tech startups from MedTech in 2015 - that's so awesome, Kristin. Best Fertility App by Healthline in 2016, and has been featured in FoxNews, the New York magazine, Tech Crunch Huffington Post and MHealth. I am blown away. I'm so excited for you.

Dec 4, 2017

If you don't know Clara then get ready for high energy! I know this wonderful lady from way back when we competed for top grades in our TCM classes! She is a force of nature and has many pearls of wisdom to share when it comes to practice growth. After 1 hour and 20 minutes we had to stop, but I guarantee she will be back as there was so much more that she is passionate about sharing! Be sure to check out her website below. ~ Spence Pentland



Professional Profile
Bachelor in Science (France 1989)
Registered Acupuncturist with CTCMA in BC since 2004, Doctorate Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) from ICTCMV

Professional Achievements
Founder & owner of Healing Cedar Wellness, managing 14 staff including a Naturopathic Doctor, 6 Massage Therapists, an Acupuncturist, 2 counsellors and 4 assistants.
Speaker for the 2011 & 2013 BCNA conference: TCM and Fertility, TCM for Pregnancy.
Speaker for the BINM 2012 & 2016 Symposium: TCM and cancer treatments, TCM for Pain Management.
Speaker for the 2015 COMS: using the 5 Element Theory to grow a thriving practice.
Awards: Voted Favourite Acupuncturist in the Tri-Cities 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
Healing Cedar received "Best Customer Service" award from the city of Port Moody in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017

Professional Experience
- Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine: Professor & Chair of the TCM department since 2009. Teaching TCM Foundation & Diagnosis, Acupuncture theory, point locations & functions, Acupuncture techniques and Food Cures.
- International College of TCM of Vancouver: Professor from 2009 to 2012, teaching the following: TCM foundation, TCM and psychology, TCM gynecology, TCM herbal Formulae, Herbal license exam preparation course.
- Founder, creator & owner of AcuPro Academy: online platform for acupuncture students and professionals, offering free and premium TCM resources, resources and continuing education.

Transcription (see full transcription at

Interview with Clara Cohen

Dr. Pentland: Hello, everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Golden Cabinet podcast. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Clara Cohen. I'm excited about this because we go way back, and I know you have so much energy and so much to offer in terms of just even speaking and teaching on the medicine as well as the business side of things, so we'll get into that. But just a little bit of housekeeping, first, if you haven't already done so, go to our YouTube channel, subscribe there, leave comments. This will be posted also on our iTunes podcast and on the website. And yeah, leave comments and interact because we'd love to get your feedback as well, and maybe Clara would even jump in and answer a few things there. But without further ado, welcome, Clara.

Clara: Thank you. I’m so happy to be here with you. Like you said, we go way back. We went to school together!

Dr. Pentland: Now that we've got that formality stuff out of the way, we can just chat. Like you were saying, the idea of this podcast, to start this podcast is simply to help as much as we can with whatever we can primarily from our practice building standpoint, but as well as any other little pearls or things that might be in a Golden Cabinet that could help. Because I know I said it, I say it all the time, you teach and you've seen so many generations, and I just think that acupuncture industry attracts such a great group of folk. It’s just such a pleasure. We always learned throughout our education to nurse deficiencies. I think the practice growth business, that side of things is a place where our industry needs to take some tonics, and that is kind of what this is for. Why don't you give a little bit of rundown, I know Boucher and ICTCM has been your teaching platforms, you've created, which is a great resource for learning the medicine mostly and I think also some business tips of yours, because you have a clinic called Healing Cedar in Vancouver, or close by, that has been there for quite some time. You've been practicing since 2004. I know you're an acupuncturist, you've got a team of 14, so, I know you've got some HR tips and tricks. I'm sure you spoke at cons. I know you did a talk about using five elements as a way of framing a way to approach practice growth, which is really interesting, and I would love you to talk about that if you can remember that time. And, of course, I’d just love to hear a little bit about your practice as well, but could you expand a little bit on your story so everyone gets a good sense of who you are.

Clara: Oh, my goodness, how much time do we have?

Nov 24, 2017

This is a great interview with an amazing guy! I love Jason – his character is just nice to be around, and his knowledge is something to be sought after. He has much experience and wisdom to share with his fellow acupuncturists, and he does it so openly and genuinely. An experienced acupuncturist and business coach, Jason delivers pearls of wisdom to help anyone move forward in both life and practice. I am so grateful for his contribution to the Golden Cabinet! Please take the time to check him and his services out at  ~ Spence Pentland



Professional Profile
1993 BS Psychology Arizona State University
1998 M.AOM International Institute of Chinese Medicine
2003 Professional Certified Coach Centre for Coach Training
1999-Present 2002-Present 1998-2001
Diplomate in Acupuncture, NCCAOM, #010791
State of Oregon, Licensed Acupuncturist, License #553
State of New Mexico, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, License #582 (inactive)

Professional Achievements
Koenig, B., Stein, J. (2015) Untold: 12 Stories of Successful American Acupuncturists in the New Millennium, Charolotte, NC: Lilac Point Press.
Sloan S, Reeves J, Sledd M., Stein, J. The Changing Demographic of Acupuncturists. The American Acupuncturist. 2012;61: 12-18
Stein, J. (2004) Meditation in the Workplace CD, Oregon, CDBaby.

Professional Experience
2007 -2017 Chair of Professional Development, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
2007 – 2015 Heart of Business, Inc Associate
2017 FB Live for Acupuncturists, Freedom and Prosperity Telesummit
2016 Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Remembered, AOMS TeleSummit
2016 Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Remembered, WeWork Portland
2016-2017 Strategic Partner,, Portland, OR
2009 Research Practicum, Study of Websites Effectiveness for Acupuncturists
2008 Research Scholars Program, NIH Grant, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine